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Moved VMS_defs__turn_on_and_off.h outside of VMS repo, into project repo
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date Sat, 21 Jul 2012 15:20:40 -0700
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1 A HW branch for:
3 generic MultiCore machines with x86 64bit instruction set
5 This branch shouldn't be used, except as a lazy fall-back. Instead, try out other branches tuned to specific hardware platforms to find the one that performs best on your machine. Use the "exe_time_vs_task_size" project to generate curves of overhead, and compare result from various branches.
7 Note, if this branch is used, then NUM_CORES in VMS_HW_specific_defs.h file has to be updated with the number of cores in your machine
10 ======== Background on branch naming =========
12 There are two kinds of branchs: ones used to develop features, and ones tuned to particular hardware. A given HW branch may combine features from several feature-branches, picking and choosing among them.
14 After Feb 2012, branches are named by the scheme:
16 feat__<feat_descr>__<HW_feat_dev_on>
18 HW__<desc_of_HW_brch_tuned_for>
20 where <HW_feat_dev_on> and <desc_of_HW_brch_tuned_for> follow the pattern:
22 <num_socket> x <num_cores>_<Manuf>_<special_features>
24 Examples:
26 feat__exp_array_malloc
28 feat__rand_backoff__4x10_Intel_WestmereEx
30 HW__1x4_Intel_SandyBridge
32 HW__4x10_Intel_WestmereEx
34 HW__1x4_AMD_mobile