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VReo V2 -- saves checker and doer fn with the port, where triggered
author Sean Halle <>
date Wed, 10 Jul 2013 14:49:04 -0700
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1 This branch is for developing the multi-language capability in VMS. The idea is to define langlets, whose constructs can be freely mixed together inside application code. No need to separate into distinct modules. A single function can use constructs from all the different langlets together inside itself.
4 ======== Background on branch naming =========
6 There are two kinds of branchs: ones used to develop features, and ones tuned to particular hardware. A given HW branch may combine features from several feature-branches, picking and choosing among them.
8 After Feb 2012, branches are named by the scheme:
10 feat__<feat_descr>__<HW_feat_dev_on>
12 HW__<desc_of_HW_brch_tuned_for>
14 where <HW_feat_dev_on> and <desc_of_HW_brch_tuned_for> follow the pattern:
16 <num_socket> x <num_cores>_<Manuf>_<special_features>
18 Examples:
20 feat__exp_array_malloc
22 feat__rand_backoff__4x10_Intel_WestmereEx
24 HW__1x4_Intel_SandyBridge
26 HW__4x10_Intel_WestmereEx
28 HW__1x4_AMD_mobile